Nigh Guard

Hard Acrylic

Our hard acrylic night guard is perfect for patients who suffer from severe bruxism. In order to combat the extreme grinding and pressure, our night guard is fabricated out of the most durable acrylic. Hard acrylic night guards are a great way to protect a patient from damaging their enamel by preventing clenching and grinding.


If your patient’s bruxism is moderate then they can afford a product that allows for more comfort. Our hard/soft night guards are fabricated out of Dualsoft®. It’s dual layer aspect allows for protection against nighttime clenching and grinding while providing an extra level of comfort for the patient.


The Thermo-Flex night guard is an ideal solution for patients suffering from severe bruxism and clenching. It offers durable protection for a patient’s enamel and is like the hard acrylic night guard. When placed under hot water, the innovative thermoplastic becomes pliable and self-adjusting to perfectly fit over a patient’s dentition. This flexibility allows for increased patient comfort.