Combining Artistry and Technology

YDL is a Texas-based, full-service laboratory. Founded in 1986, YDL was built on the commitment to artistically fabricated restorations. Our technicians utilize the best technology available to ensure every product that comes out of our lab exceeds the expectations of patients and clinicians. We are proud of our team who use their artistic abilities to inform their every action. With our willingness to embrace technology and change in the dental industry, we can provide our clients with a full range of products, including fixed, removables, implants, and hybrids.  Read more about YDL’s history.

Restorations Are Always Better With YDL

From traditional PFMs to advanced implant cases, YDL has the answer for even the most complex cases. Just like having all of your prescriptions filled at one pharmacy, using one laboratory for your patients’ treatment benefits both dentist and patient when it comes to consistency, case tracking and patient history.

Digital Dentistry

Send Your Case

Sending your case to YDL is simple whether you are a new doctor or have been prescribing our restorations for years. We accept files from all major intraoral scanners and also provide printable Rx forms, UPS shipping labels, and a case scheduler.