Safety for Your Practice and Your Patients

At YDL, we believe providing quality dentistry and great value does not have to mean compromising safety for your patient or your practice. That is why YDL has made significant investments in its programs that ensure and demonstrate how our facility meets or exceeds FDA requirements for dental laboratories and that our restorations perform up to the expectations set by the material and technology manufacturers it represents. YDL is pleased to have earned the following credentials:

Nationally Certified Dental Laboratory

The Certified Dental Laboratory certification is a program developed by the National Board for Certification in Dental Technology (NBC) to create a means for dental professionals and members of the public to identify dental laboratories that meet specific standards. Only roughly 1%, or 100 of the labs in the USA have earned this certification. By earning and maintaining our CDL designation, we are demonstrating our efforts to continually monitor and improve the quality of our restorations and the reliability and efficiency of our organization. This certification requires annual renewal.