YDL is proud to be at the forefront of digital innovation in the dental laboratory industry. Our team keeps pace with the latest advancements in terms of equipment, processes, and materials. Our digital capabilities allow us to ensure superior precision, functionality, and esthetics for every restoration. Our digital equipment also offers convenient case collaboration with our clients. Case collaboration ensures a streamlined process for complex cases. Our commitment to digital dentistry offers a wide array of benefits, including the following:

  • Accepts Scans from Major Intraoral Scanners
  • Superior Fit, Function, and Esthetics
  • Improved Patient Satisfaction
  • Easy Collaboration with Lab Team
  • No Hassle Digital Impressions & Submissions


YDL offers the innovative surgery service. This system utilizes guides that provide a preplanned and predictable guided All-on-X style surgery. It was designed for clinicians to provide a straightforward method for implant placement. You can easily integrate the process, product, and surgery into your already established workflow. Most cases simply require a CBCT, intraoral scans, a certain set of photographs and a prescription for the lab to follow.


  • Dentate or Edentulous Pin Guide
  • Fixation Base for Bone Reduction
  • Osteotomy Guide
  • Nano-Ceramic Provisional

Carbon 3D Printer

YDL is backed by the innovative Carbon 3D Printer. This printer gives us the ability to print highly accurate production parts, including dental models, bite splints, surgical guides, and even digital dentures. We use industrial grade resin that offers high-resolution surface finish and lifelike esthetics for our digital dentures. Through its innovative baking process, the printed pieces are extremely strong and durable.