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What Implant is That?

Published 08.16.2013 by YDL Dental

WhatImplantIsThat.com is a free reference that is working to collect a comprehensive database of implant radiographs to assist dental practitioners in answering this question.

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Published 08.14.2013 by YDL Dental

Every month, we put together a newsletter for our clients and community. Everything from industry trends to what’s going on down the hall, our newsletter features only the latest from the dental industry and our lab in particular. We don’t spam, and we certainly don’t share your email with anyone….

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When Will All-Ceramics Surpass PFM’s?

Published 08.08.2013 by YDL Dental

As the popularity of PFM restorations continues to decline, all-ceramics are on the rise. More and more, labs are delivering zirconia, IPS e.max lithium disilicate, and full contour restorations. As this trend continues, the shift from metal-based to metal-free restorations will grow steeper and steeper.

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Why We Do What We Do: A Case Study

Published 07.22.2013 by YDL Dental

Every now and then, we get the privilege of hearing exactly how our work on a case made an impact on someone’s life. It’s cases like these we’re reminded exactly why we’re in business in the first place: to change people’s lives by giving them a new smile.

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July Continuing Education Course: Implementing Digital Dentistry

Published 07.15.2013 by YDL Dental

This program will provide surgical specialists with an overview of technology available now (and into the future) to help shape your dental implant practice into an advanced, efficient digital dentistry powerhouse, while providing the confidence needed to expand your skills and further improve patient outcomes.

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The Future of the Dental Lab: What Trends Are Telling Us

Published 06.04.2013 by YDL Dental

If you’ve read anything we’ve published over the last, well, ever, you know we’re all about digital dentistry and where technology is taking us and our industry.  Pretty much every industry is, has been, and will continue to see increasingly fast advances due to technology. The dental lab industry is no…

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The All-on-4™, Presented by Dr. Almasri: A Recap

Published 05.06.2013 by YDL Dental

Dr. Almasri gave us a thorough run-down of the preliminary steps of the All-on-4™ technique, including patient selection and case presentation. We learned some diagnostic considerations, as well as how to recognize which patients would benefit most from this procedure.

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A Farewell to Gerry Gaubert

Published 05.01.2013 by YDL Dental

Gerry is taking his life journey on to Arizona, and he’s leaving us all richer and better for having shared his time with us. From all of us at YDL, we’d like to bid our good friend Gerry farewell, and wish him the best of luck in his endeavors.

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Technology vs. Technique

Published 04.30.2013 by YDL Dental

Why Technology Won’t Replace Artistry in the Lab Industry Today’s lab industry is a bustling amalgam of complex machinery, delicate equipment, and intricate software. All this technology allows us to scan with more patient comfort, design with greater ease, and mill with extreme precision. All the while saving us (and…

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April 30th Continuing Education: All-on-4™

Published 04.17.2013 by YDL Dental

Join us Tuesday, April 30th at 5:30pm for some free food and a hands-on presentation (worth 2 CE credits!) on the All-on-4™ procedure from Dr. Riad Almasri of Dallas Dental Solutions.

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The Bluebonnets of YDL

Published 04.04.2013 by YDL Dental

If you’ve ever been to our lab during Spring or Summer, you’ve no doubt noticed our rather impressive bunch of bluebonnets in the fields surrounding us. And, if you’ve been in Texas long, you already know it’s the official state flower.

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Happy Easter from YDL!

Published 03.29.2013 by YDL Dental

As we wrap up yet another busy week in Spring here at the lab, we just wanted to take some time and wish our clients and readers a happy Easter before the weekend and our April 11th continuing education course, an overview on Straumann implants. Whether you’re decorating and hiding…

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