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Stop singing the screw access hole blues!

Published 04.08.2014 by YDL Dental

YDL is proud to offer the brand new Angled Screw Channel (ASC) system from NobelBiocare! It’s a frustration known to almost anyone who has placed or restored a dental implant- the dreaded game of “Where will my screw access hole come out?” The ASC system can change the angulation of…

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New CAD/CAM technology- AvaDent Dentures have arrived!

Published 02.03.2014 by YDL Dental

  YDL Dental Laboratory now offers AvaDentTM Digital Dentures. Carrollton, TX – YDL Laboratory has recently announced the signing of an agreement with Global Dental Science, LLC (GDS), creators of the AvaDent Digital Denture. Under this agreement YDL Dental Laboratory will become a Key Opinion Laboratory and will be able…

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2014 Trends: Automation

Published 11.25.2013 by YDL Dental

Earlier this year, we published a post discussing the near-future of our business and industry as a whole. Since then, a number of the topics we touched on have seen even further advances: the furthest of which being 3D printing. It seems a new era will be driven by the capabilities…

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The Empirical Problem

Published 11.20.2013 by YDL Dental

How do we collect empirical evidence of a material’s performance over time, when by the time we’ve collected our data, there are 10 newer, cheaper, better materials on the market?

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The Dentist/Lab Relationship

Published 10.17.2013 by YDL Dental

In our industry, relationships mean everything. A great working relationship between the dentist and laboratory smooths the entire process (making everyone’s lives easier), but more importantly, it provides for better quality of work. We recently found a great article on the subject in Inside Dental Technology. We thought we’d take the opportunity to comment.

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YDL Featured in JDT Unbound

Published 09.27.2013 by YDL Dental

If you haven’t heard of JDT Unbound, it’s a small publication run by the Journal of Dental Technology. Every now and then they profile stand-out businesses and professionals in the industry to try and figure out what sets them apart, and to help others do the same. This month, JDT…

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D Magazine’s Best of 2013

Published 09.16.2013 by YDL Dental

What do some of the best dentists in the DFW area have in common? They’ve recruited the quality and service of YDL, of course! Every year, D Magazine puts together ‘Best of’ lists in every imaginable category, from restaurants to (in our case) dentists. This year, we’re proud to announce 17 of our clients were recently named in D Magazine’s ‘Best of 2013’ list for the dental category.

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Generic vs. Name Brand

Published 09.11.2013 by YDL Dental

Here at YDL, we see a lot of different implants and components. Some of very high quality, some of lesser quality. Brand names, generics… We’ve seen it all. Many dentists (our clients included) have different preferences for which to use, usually based on their patient base and the type of…

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What’s in your Mouth?

Published 09.03.2013 by YDL Dental

In a new campaign to promote transparency and quality in the dental industry, the NADL brings us “What’s in your Mouth?” Aimed at consumers, dentists, and technicians alike, the campaign seeks to shed light on the disadvantages of low-quality dental work, while encouraging dentists and labs to take pride in creating quality work for their patients and clients.

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New Logistics at the Lab

Published 08.19.2013 by YDL Dental

From here on out, we’ll be using the services of UPS for all our logistical needs. UPS’s nationwide distribution network will allow us to provide the best service possible, no matter where you are.

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What Implant is That?

Published 08.16.2013 by YDL Dental

WhatImplantIsThat.com is a free reference that is working to collect a comprehensive database of implant radiographs to assist dental practitioners in answering this question.

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Subscribe to Our Monthly eNewsletter

Published 08.14.2013 by YDL Dental

Every month, we put together a newsletter for our clients and community. Everything from industry trends to what’s going on down the hall, our newsletter features only the latest from the dental industry and our lab in particular. We don’t spam, and we certainly don’t share your email with anyone….

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