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Stop singing the screw access hole blues!

Posted 04.08.2014 by

YDL is proud to offer the brand new Angled Screw Channel (ASC) system from NobelBiocare!

It’s a frustration known to almost anyone who has placed or restored a dental implant- the dreaded game of “Where will my screw access hole come out?”

The ASC system can change the angulation of a screw access channel up to 25º – 360º around the abutment interface. This new system allows us to design a custom, screw-retained restoration to fit your esthetic needs.


Not only can this system resolve angulation issues for anterior cases, but it can also alleviate posterior vertical space challenges as well.


The ASC system uses a Zirconia Abutment body with a Titanium implant interface.



Increased restorative options exclusive to Nobel Biocare Conical Connection implants

Restorative flexibility (allowing posterior indication for CC Zr abutments)

Zirconia CC abutment with metal adapter –  easy removal and reinsertion of metal adapter

Optimal positioning of screw access hole (combined with tooling)

Easy access /handling (posterior)

Cost efficient solution: One piece

Time efficient: easy retrievability, due to one piece


The ASC System uses the Omnigrip driver. Some of its benefits include:

Unique pick-up function – increased safety

Ease of use (access, flexibility, handling)

Blue color coding –  for easy identification

Want to see more? Please follow the link below for a YouTube video that explains the ASC system in greater detail.


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