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The Dentist/Lab Relationship

Posted 10.17.2013 by

In our industry, relationships mean everything. A great working relationship between the dentist and laboratory smooths the entire process (making everyone’s lives easier), but more importantly, it provides for better quality of work.

To work effectively, the dentist/lab relationship needs to be one of constant collaboration. The quality of the lab’s work is dependent on the accuracy of the information provided by the dentist, and it’s important for both to be accessible and open to one another in order to meet the needs of the patient’s treatment plan.

We recently found a great article on the subject in Inside Dental Technology. We thought we’d take the opportunity to comment.

  • Finding such a partner doesn’t typically occur through happenstance. As in personal relationships, which they often become, “chemistry” is important, as are shared goals and the ability to balance one another. The partnership may be “set up” via mutual professional associates, or find its beginnings at gatherings focused on the professional interests the dentist and technician share.

    Most of our clients aren’t random walk-ins that find us on Google. We’re always meeting people at meetings or conventions, making friends first, and clients later. This approach has led us to form some strong ties with our clients. Because we know each other on a first name basis, it’s easy to keep communication open and makes us truly care about the outcome of every case.

  • Like any partnership, it takes work to make it work and respect for what each team member brings to the table. It also requires an awareness of the interdependent nature of the relationship and a deep appreciation of the other’s ability.

    It’s no secret we strive for premium quality at YDL. We always try to get the best work out of our clients, and we’ve been known to request additional records from time to time… But it’s all for the best!

  • The beauty of the team approach, especially during case diagnosis, is simple, says Cooper, “Two heads are better than one; there’s a built-in second opinion. Instead of second-guessing myself, I can discuss with Lee what is possible and practical, not just what is desirable. This means we’re better able to get a very good diagnosis in the treatment plan very early in the process.”

    Working with our clients from the beginning to lay out a cohesive schedule and treatment plan is a crucial part of our process, and it’s only the beginning. At YDL, we realize each case comes with its set of circumstances and challenges; a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach just simply doesn’t work in our business.

    Read Ellen Meyer’s full article from Inside Dental Technology here. She touches on a lot of great points, and we’d recommend the article to anyone in the business.


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