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YDL Featured in JDT Unbound

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If you haven’t heard of JDT Unbound, it’s a small publication run by the Journal of Dental Technology. Every now and then they profile stand-out businesses and professionals in the industry to try and figure out what sets them apart, and to help others do the same.

This month, JDT hosted our very own Monica Daniel for a little Q&A session.

They talked about her experience at NADL University (the NADL’s ongoing continuing education project for laboratory managers), what got her in the business in the first place, where our lab is headed from here, and a whole lot more.

Here’s an excerpt:

  • JDT: Tell me a little about your laboratory and what it is that makes your laboratory unique.

    MD: What sets us apart is our service. We pride ourselves on doing whatever, whenever. We also have online case management, and our account reps are technicians who can talk to clients anytime to walk them through problem cases. We host educational events for clients and staff. That’s what will set us apart, education and service. I compare it to shopping. You can go anywhere to buy a T-shirt, but why buy it for $100 at Neiman Marcus? Because they know your name and will do whatever it takes to make you happy. We have that same philosophy here.


    JDT: How did you become involved in the dental laboratory?

    MD I was completely new to the industry. My background is in accounting and customer service. I started here working in accounting, as a bookkeeper. I found I really liked the industry and learning about the products and materials. The technology moved really quickly, and I started doing everything I could to learn about the products and the technology, and how to provide the quality and service but provide it more efficiently.


    JDT: When did you attend NADL University and why did you want to go?

    MD: I attended the first one in 2009, and attended NADL U2 in 2011 or 2012. It was really valuable—when I started in 2008 I became interested in the industry really quickly. I saw the marketing materials for NADL University and I thought, well, I have the administration background but this will show me how it fits together. The requirements said I needed two years’ experience but I kinda fudged it so I could go, because I wanted to understand how the technical side related to administrative side. The first time I went, I realized that a lot of laboratory owners and managers started as technicians, but did not have background in business. NADL broke the business aspects down to really easy to understand concepts for those without that business background.

    It was great to share ideas with technicians and business administrators in the same classrooms. All labs are a little different, so there are a lot of exchanging ideas. I still keep in touch with many of the people I met there. When I have a problem and question, I can call them for advice.

    I have my mentors that I met there, but the other part of it is just networking with the other people, and learning how other labs are doing things around the country.

  • Read the full article here.

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