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Generic vs. Name Brand

Posted 09.11.2013 by

Here at YDL, we see a lot of different implants and components. Some of very high quality, some of lesser quality. Brand names, generics… We’ve seen it all.

Many dentists (our clients included) have different preferences for which to use, usually based on their patient base and the type of practice they identify themselves as. It’s understandable, as a more affordable “neighborhood” practice generally wouldn’t use the same high-end, expensive implants that a boutique cosmetic practice would. That said, we have experience in all types platforms so we can work with them all.

From Dental Economics’ Dr. Ali Kanawati’s article on the subject, What’s on your Implant?:

“The practice of mixing and matching dental implant components to implant fixtures of different manufacturers is unfortunately becoming more common. The issue is not using generic implant fixtures, but there is a concern regarding mixing components of one company to fit into another company’s patented connection.” (sic)

In recent years, we’ve noticed this trend as well. Mostly due to the stories from our clients’ experiences with their old labs. But, since the beginning, we’ve been dedicated to a higher standard of quality. Anytime we turn around a case we’ve added components to, you can be sure we use only certified, brand-specific parts.

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