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What’s in your Mouth?

Posted 09.03.2013 by

In a new campaign to promote transparency and quality in the dental industry, the NADL brings us “What’s in your Mouth?” Aimed at consumers, dentists, and technicians alike, the campaign seeks to shed light on the disadvantages of low-quality dental work, while encouraging dentists and labs to take pride in creating quality work for their patients and clients.

  • From an NADL press release:

    In the words of Henry Martin, CDT, NADL President, “During the last year and half, NADL facilitated a series of focus group meetings and conducted national surveys with the dental laboratory industry to gather ideas and input for the messaging of this campaign. The core of this objective has now come to fruition. The hard work comes now to ensure that the message is heard.”

    The information gathered on these sites provides comprehensive information for the dental consumer, dentists and the dental laboratory community.  The campaign to promote these sites to consumer organizations and dental organizations and the dental community will take place starting in August 2013. The goal is to encourage interested parties to include these web references on their own social media platforms so that a broader population of individuals can be reached.

    “We are excited about the formal launch of these two major components of NADL’s comprehensive public awareness campaign, advocating for the role of the dental technician is paramount to NADL’s mission as an organization” says Gary Iocco, NADL President Elect and Leon Hermanides, CDT, NADL Board Member, who serve as Co-Chairs of the Public Awareness Committee.

  • As a lab dedicated to providing our clients with transparency and quality, this campaign has us excited. Promoting industry-wide quality and good business benefits everyone, from the technician at the lab to the dentist (and most importantly) the patient in the chair.

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