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What Implant is That?

Posted 08.16.2013 by

Sometimes, dental implant identification isn’t easy. Whether it’s a new patient with old implants, or they simply don’t have their paperwork, it can be almost impossible to determine what implant you’re dealing with. Thankfully, there’s WhatImplantIsThat.com

WhatImplantIsThat.com is a free reference that is working to collect a comprehensive database of implant radiographs to assist dental practitioners in answering this question.

  • With this free resource, you can identify almost any implant, step by step, based on the characteristics of the implant itself.

  • Is it threaded or non-threaded? Are there holes in the apex? Through a pretty quick and painless process of elimination, your search will be significantly narrowed down.

    With any luck, the exact implant will be in the database. In this case, the site will provide you with the manufacturer and model name, exact measurements, and even an image of what the implant looks like under x-ray. If you can’t identify it yourself, they’ll do it for you!

    We’ve seen thousands of implants. Even so, there are occasions in which we run into obscure implants we’ve never seen before. At times like these, this website is a great resource. We recommend it to all our clients and readers who run into trouble while trying to identify a patient’s mystery implant.

  • What Implant is That?



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